April 18, 2016

What could the clicking sound in my engine be?

I have a 1992 gmc sierra 1500,It runs great all except there’s this clicking sound in the engine.I would like to know what it is and if a tune up wpuld solve the problem.


Elayne Trakand

a clicking sound is metal on metal. not good. find out what it is w/ a pro mechanic. a tune up won’t help.


Could be a rocker or lifter. Could just be an exhaust leak at the manifold, take it to a shop for an opinion.


most likely its the lifters and sometime a thicker oil helps some but not much you can do but replace them


I had to double check, but it could be a piston ring is friend or broke, but it could be alot of outher things, but in most cars I know off it usually has to do with the pistons.


Sometimes a spark plug wire arcing to ground makes a ticking sound, you can try opening the hood at night and starting the engine with the lights off. If it is a spark you will hear and see it.If not then a lifter is the most likely culprit. You can sometimes have them adjusted and get rid of the ticking but usually they are just tired and need to be replaced.Good Luck!

Baby Shes Country

Before replacing any parts answer me one question: Did the ticking noise start all of a sudden? If so the next time you change the oil make sure you’re using a top quality 5W-30. Substitute one quart of regular motor oil with a quart of Rislone. Rislone is a very high detergent motor oil additive. If a lifter is sticking it may solve the problem. If it doesn’t work place a long handled screwdriver pointed end down on the valve covers one at a time to locate which bank the stuck lifter is on. Remove the valve cover and with the motor running try to adjust each lifter by backing off one rocker arm trunnion nut slowly at a time till it starts to clatter. Slowly tighten it back down till the clatter stops and turn the nut on down 1/8 turn. When you find the loose rocker arm the center nut may have backed off. Try to adjust the looseness out. If the motor runs rough when you turn the nuts down you’re tightening them too fast. If you still have a rocker arm that will not stop ticking, remove the intake and replace the lifter inside the lifter bore. It pays to wipe Crane brake-in lube on the face of the new lifter. It’s easy to re-adjust the new lifter. When you see the opposite rocker arm in the same cylinder open, slide an .005 feeler gage under the tip of the rockearm and the valve where the new lifter is. That’s a rough starting point till you warm it up and adjust it correctly. Contrary to what others will say my Chevrolet shop manual says this is the best way to adjust hydraulic lifters.

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