April 18, 2016

What are the disadvantages of buying a used car that was previously stolen and after that recovered?

Usually used cars that were stolen and recovered by police or by the insurance companies are really cheaper than others that were not involved in that kind of situation, so… Are there any legal problems that you might have with that vehicle if you agree to buy it? or Why are they so cheap?


Elayne Trakand

It’s probably just fine. The reason they’re so cheap is to guarantee they are sold. The police didn’t pay anything for it so they are always going to turn a profit and so all they care about it selling it. I also think some jurisdictions are forced to sell it at a certain calculated price based on going rates.


no legal problems as long as the car has a rebuilt title. as far as the car, if it was stolen, there is a large chance that someone drove the crap out of it. altough not always, i have a 97 honda accord that i bought from a small dealership that i know the owner. he buys cars from insurance companies that have been found after the owner was payed in full for his loss. had it about a year and i have had no problems. take it to a mechanic before you buy.


Probably your biggest disadvantage is going to be, having the cops pull you over frequently. Your best bet shortly after buying it is to have the plates changed.


usually if theyre police repos they have trashed the interior checking for drugs and weapons. I dont believe there are any legal issues, by the time it comes to auction the owner has had more than enough time, and failed to claim it.There will be things with engine that you cannot see, so if you have a chance to listen to it run, or bring a mechanic i would.I dont see why you couldnt profit by purchasing such a vehicle.


The same disadvantages of any used car. Check it over first, and make sure it has a good title. There are now a lot flooding (pun intended) the market from the New Orleans area that have been under water. Once submerged all kinds of problems can show up, beware of those.

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