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What are the disadvantages of buying a used car that was previously stolen and after that recovered?

Usually used cars that were stolen and recovered by police or by the insurance companies are really cheaper than others that were not involved in that kind of situation, so… Are there any legal problems that you might have with that vehicle if you agree to buy it? or Why are they so cheap?

If is possible you will offer me a airline ticket?

maybe you has lost the plane and you offer me the ticket.maybe you has canceled your trip and the ticket is buy.You will offer me a used ticked? (I’m a colectionery) Thats things i’snt true but i want to see your opinion.Really! I’don’t need help.Please do not report me. Is just a dream.

What could the clicking sound in my engine be?

I have a 1992 gmc sierra 1500,It runs great all except there’s this clicking sound in the engine.I would like to know what it is and if a tune up wpuld solve the problem.

What is the advantage of a 2 stroke engine?

I used to ride my Dad’s old 1972 Kawasaki 750 3 cylinder motorcycle. It was surprisingly quick for it’s weight and age. It was a 2 cycle. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 2 stroke compared to a 4 stroke? Are they more powerful or something? Thanx!

Can anyone help with pointers about rebuilding a Barient 16 two speed winch?

I’ve never taken a winch apart before. Everyone is saying it’s really easy, and their is little on the web about it. Has anyone rebuilt a two speed before, and what are the things I need to look out for ie springs flying etc. . .Thanks in advance for the tutorial.And what type of grease…

What is the best way to fight the other insurence if you only have liability?

What can you do if they keep throwing stuff at you that’s untrue or unfair?

What is the best way to paint metal auto parts?

What is the most effective way to prep the metal and what paint would work best. Can glosses work well as enamels and what about flat paints.

Will the cost of airfare increase a lot by around 2009?

I’m just wondering if you think the prices will inflate enough to see a considerable difference. PLEASE answer if you can!

How many miles is too many for a 2004 Honda cbr600rr motorcycle?

Just saw an add for a 2004 honda cbr 600rr with 21000 miles on it, is that too many? The bike comes with a yosh slip on and frender eliminater and he’s asking $3900. Thanks!